Christine Francis Baum VanRyzin
Alzheimer's Averted:  A Path to Survival

People live in fear of Alzheimer’s disease every day.  I am here to replace that fear with knowledge - with knowledge comes survival.

It was January 2003 when I was able to say, “I am a Survivor!”  A survivor of an early onset form of Alzheimer’s disease with a 50% hereditary factor that took the lives of our mother and aunt.  At the age of 55, I had journeyed for 15 years to age 90 and back.  I have felt it all! Alzheimer’s disease had taken my life but not my hope.

What does survivor mean to me?  Physically, I have been able to slow or stop the progression enough to begin to heal.  I am at a better place than our mother was during the same course of the disease.  Spiritually, I am learning to live and love again, to feel a part of the universal healing energy.  Scientifically, the answers will come only with my autopsy.

It has been two years since the publication of my book.

Alzheimer’s Averted: A Path to Survival

The information that has come out in the past two years has only reinforced the fact that what we have done as a family, through partnership with our doctors, does not have to be unique to us.  Studies are now available that support the directions we have taken.  Alzheimer’s disease affects the whole mind, body and spirit.  So the whole mind, body and spirit need to be included in the healing.  The answer will not come with a single ‘magic’ pill.

The Nun Study by David Snowdon, PhD. has shown through autopsy that even though a brain is ravaged with the plaques and tangles of Alzheimer’s disease the brain and body do not have to express the mental dementia or physical deterioration of Alzheimer’s.  We can live with the disease of

Alzheimer's without the dementia of Alzheimer’s by using a whole mind, body and spirit approach.  This is what I and my family are doing.

Alzheimer’s Averted: A Path to Survival has been very well received with letters and personal “thank you”.  I told my husband that if I helped just one family achieve a better quality of life my goal in writing the book would be fulfilled.  Sharing of our information has had a ripple effect far beyond our goals!

Fifteen years ago, when I saw the beginning changes of forgetfulness, unable to make decisions, changes in mood, and physical weakness and tremors, I was sent to the same neurologist that was then treating our mother.   Very soon  he listened to us, answered our questions the best he could, accepted our input, and we became partners in healing.  He admitted he had very little to offer, so he respected any information I would provide on choices - which I could show were helping. 

Researchers are each working in their own area, trying to find a ‘magic’ pill.  I have taken this information and applied all of it.  This is not a replacement for pharmaceutical drugs.  Although I have been able to cut back on the amount I take by 2/3’s. This is a whole mind, body, spirit approach where the more you achieve the higher your quality of life. 

Even between our mother, my sister, and myself, the disease expresses itself just a bit differently.  We are all unique.  Take the information knowing the basics are there, but you may have to adapt to your needs.

First I had to believe I could heal, both medically and spiritually.  About 1995, it was medically proven that the brain can heal. In order to find how to attain this I had to open myself to include ancient Eastern knowledge with our newer Western knowledge. And it works!

So let us begin!